• WP125 Ad Management Plugin – This WordPress plugin makes it easy to manage 125×125 ads on your blog, right from the WordPress Admin. When you add a new ad to the database, you just need to fill out a few fields. The ad will automatically be taken down when the time comes, and you will be notified. Click through for the full feature list.
  • Tweetable Plugin – Twitter is big. Too big to ignore if you’re a blogger. Tweetable is intended to help integrate Twitter into your WordPress-powered blog. It can automatically tweet links to your blog posts as they are published. It can display your lastest tweet in your sidebar and add a tweetmeme widget after your posts. You can even use it to share a Twitter account among a blog’s author’s if you wish.
  • GoCodes WordPress Plugin – GoCodes adds URL shortening capabilities to your WordPress Admin, complete with a counter to log how many times a redirect has been accessed. Great for podcasts, affiliate, shortening affiliate URLs, and counting clicks on banner ads.
  • BookAdvice.net – Wrote a very simple CMS to pull book reviews from a database, made a basic search system that pulls results from the book review database, and the WordPress-powered site news shown on the home page.