Web Site Design and Construction

Need a website? Need one redesigned? I can create templates for blogs and large websites, as well as set-up smaller static sites. Whether you’re a blogger needing a unique WordPress theme, a Web 2.0 startup in want of a design, or a small business looking for a website you can manage yourself, I offer my services to you.

Ad Creative Design

Advertising exists in a big way on the internet. A large percentage of web sites are more than ready to put your ad in front of their users’ eyeballs in exchange for some money. All it takes is a few dollars to promote your site on theirs. I can make banner ads of any requested size (e.g. 468×60, 728×90 120×600, 125×125), either static or with very minimal animation.

WordPress Work

WordPress is more than just another blogging package. It’s a powerful CMS that can display content however you want, not just in a “blog-style” manner. It’s a great tool to, without losing any power or control, easily manage a blog, podcast, online magazine, or any other content-based site imaginable. I have plenty of experience installing and setting-up WordPress, creating themes and plugins, and building advanced WordPress sites.

PHP and JavaScript Coding

Have some light web programming work that needs to be done? I know my way around PHP fairly well, and I’m not bad at JavaScript either. If you would like to add some extra functionality to your website, just ask. (No, I will not build a YouTube clone for you. So don’t ask.)


Need something a little more unusual? Email me, and we can talk about it.