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Launch: Welcome to MVH Media

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

Photo by jurvetsonMay 29, 2008 – Today MVH Media is live.

I’m Matt V. Harzewski (hence the name M-V-H Media). I’m a web developer, blogger, and aspiring author. I have a lot of experience in the web arena, and have done some consulting work for a few people. I’ve finally found the time to put up a site advertising my services, and look forward to taking-on projects more actively. You can read a little bit more about me, or take a look at my blog Webmaster-Source.

My goal is to improve the web by reducing the number of websites that look like the ones you’d find on GeoCities in the ’90s, and to make the web even more interesting than it is already.

If you have some web work that needs to be done, shoot me an email. I can handle a wide range of projects, and the home page details the main ones.

Photo by jurvetson.